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From pre-construction to delivery, MSC is there with the resources and seasoned counsel you need to succeed

Construction Consulting and Jurisdictional Management:

At the core of MSC’s expertise and value-added services is a comprehensive knowledge of the full, process management of a construction project. General contractors, building owners, architects and engineers know how to erect or renovate a structure and get it ready for occupancy. MSC empowers the GCs, owners and A&E firms to focus on construction, while MSC covers their backs on all the jurisdictional management and ancillary services necessary to keep a project on time and on budget. Just skim the full range of services MSC provides on the right column of these pages. If any one of these areas is mishandled on a construction project, it can cause delays of weeks or months, while increasing costs from tens of thousands to millions of dollars.

MSC clients find that the earlier in the project they include MSC professionals on their team the more streamlined the project runs. 

Jurisdictional management includes stewarding every step of a construction project that is controlled, mandated or approved by a federal, state or local government agency. Examples include, but are not limited to environmental and geotechnical site testing and remediation; waste water and storm water disposal plans; air quality and emissions; planning and zoning controls and appeals; architectural control board regulations; historic districts; traffic control plans; fuel storage; building and signage permits; HVAC and trade permits; plan peer reviews; structural engineering; concrete, asphalt and steel testing; insurance and bond acquisition and release. 

Permit process management:  

Everyone knows that building permits are necessary in order to start a construction project. What everyone doesn’t know are the subtle differences in regulations and presentation of plans that will allow for approval the first time or with minimal vs. major revisions.

When it comes to new construction and renovation on projects ranging from a few hundred to many millions of square feet (including but not limited to, commercial office; mixed-use; residential; government facilities; retail; food service; hospitality; healthcare; education; industrial; religious; museums and financial services) , our knowledgeable team brings to the table huge experience in regulatory process management and a deep and wide understanding of the variations and specifications in regional jurisdictions’ permitting requirements.

In some jurisdictions and under certain circumstances, peer review can be central to accelerating a project by as much as months. The key is to know when and how to use peer review and when using it only will add cost without contributing improved results.

Success with permitting is no fluke; it is the result of smart, meticulous preparation and execution, ensuring that fees, plans, structural details and all related schedules are locked down and in order, with a  full knowledge of each jurisdiction’s laws, regulations and preferences. 

In that regard, MSC helps you to:

  • Determine the jurisdictional fees for all necessary permits for budget and project timeline purposes
  • Work with the jurisdictional project managers to review building plans and what needs to be submitted to get permits approved
    o  Make sure all plans are signed and have seals affixed
    o  Include a comprehensive land and building code analysis and all forms
    o  Include door schedules and hardware schedules
    o  Make sure to include all structural details

Additionally, when beneficial, incorporating a peer review process can further expedite the permitting process. Peer review is the preferred and recommended way to get certain project and permit approvals in Fairfax County and several, other counties utilizing this system. (Fairfax County requirements recommend a peer-review for all building projects exceeding 4500 square-feet, as a fast track solution.)

  • The key to avoiding costly delays is having drawings prepared under the direction of, or reviewed by, design professionals with experience in the real world of shepherding projects through these regulatory processes. In the peer review process, professional reviewers that are pre-approved and certified by the County take part directly in the review and evaluation of construction plans and blueprints prior to their being submitted to the County regulatory offices for approval.

MSC expedites the peer review process

MSC is the area’s preeminent, peer review process specialist.  In fact, MSC has coordinated almost 70% of peer reviews in Fairfax County alone.  MSC has perfected this process, and knows how to take it to completion.

Peer Review vs. Non-Peer Review Schedule

Working the permitting process to your advantage: Modified processing

Years ago, MSC authored modified processing as an innovative tactic for moving permitting forward at a faster pace. 

Modified processing allows for issuances and extensions of partial permits, prior to full approval of site and building plans. It also gives authorization to subdivide and compartmentalize the site plan, so that separate areas can be strategically addressed. 

Typically, modified processing is applicable when projects are at least $25 million in scope— $20 million for the structure itself, and $5 million for the land. MSC was the first company to initialize and support modified processing with property management permit issuance.  It has proven to be invaluable to those businesses and industries seeking to expand or locate their existing facilities, especially in Fairfax County.

Modified processing: 

  • Allows matching of elements of site plan with other permits
  • Guarantees fast review
  • Ensures that the only bond agreement required is Cash for Conservation
  • Permits can be extended
  • Increases project flexibility
  • Decreases overall project time

For more information about MSC’s permitting expertise and about how modified permitting may be applicable to your project, click here.

MSC’s geotechnical engineering 

Our geotech services run the gamut from pre-construction through post-construction and include:            

Geotechnical engineering services

  • Exploration and drilling
  • SPT drilling
  • CPT and flat-plate dilatometer
  • Foundation soils investigations
  • Groundwater and drainage investigations                    

Geotechnical reports

  • Evaluation of project-specific soil conditions
  • Construction recommendations and requirements
  • Retaining wall, seep foundation and drainage design recommendations
  • Soil improvement recommendations (Geopiers™, Vibro-Piers™, lime remediation)
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Recommendations for ripping and blasting shallow rock

Structural engineering

  • Retaining wall design
  • Deep foundation, concrete piers, micro piles, helical piles
  • Mat foundation design
  • Sheeting and shoring design
  • Underpinning design
  • Roof truss, I-beam and LVL evaluation and design

MSC’s Inspections and Testing Services

 Constructions materials inspections/testing

  • Foundation inspections (formwork and reinforcement)
  • Cementious materials observation and testing (concrete, mortar and grout)
  • Structural steel observations and testing
  • Roof truss and deck evaluation and testing
  • Laboratory services

MSC’s environmental services

MSC's environmental services help you fulfill your federal, state and local obligations across every facet of your project and include:

Due diligence and regulatory compliance

  • Phase 1 environmental site assessments (ESA)
  • Phases II and III ESAs
  • Regulatory compliance audits
  • Contingency planning
  • Environmental permitting
  • EH&S database systems
  • Facility environmental health and safety plan development
  • Facility operations
  • Training

Environmental quality requirement consulting and assessment

  • Air quality assessments (AQA) and reports
  • Air quality/emissions permitting
  • Spill prevention, containment and countermeasure plans (SPCC)

MSC’s specialized HVAC building commissioning process

With this process, we identify and address equipment and operational issues, before they impact building operations and occupant health, welfare and comfort. MSC delivers substantial verification of systems and installed equipment, ensuring that building systems perform in accordance with contract documents and design intent. We do so with:

  • Independent commissioning — This is complementary to performance of construction period services by architects and mechanical engineers of record and to the testing and balancing requirements of the construction contract
  • Adherence to drawings and specifications — The system installation and operation are verified against the construction documents and owner’s requirements. Discrepancies are identified and documented for correction 

MSC’s end-to-end, inspections process

This process ensures exceptional engineering expertise and return on your investment for:

Residential inspections                                

  • Subgrade soils
  • Footings
  • Foundations/retaining walls
  • Waterproofing systems/backfill materials
  • Basement slabs
  • Garage slabs
  • Areaway slabs
  • Fireplace/hearth slabs
  • Stoop slabs                                                    

Commercial inspections

  • Special inspections/critical structures inspections
  • Subgrade soils
  • Footings
  • Foundations/retaining walls
  • Waterproofing systems/backfill materials
  • Floor slabs
  • Elevated slabs
  • Steel inspection/bolt/weld/construction


  • ADA: Site and Requirement Reports
  • Architectural and Historical Review Process
  • Bond Packaging/Report/Release
  • Building Permits
  • Consulting and Code Analysis
  • Certificate of Occupancy 
  • Code Issue Resolution
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Critical Structure Inspections/Approvals
  • Demolition Permits
  • Design Consulting
  • Development Process
  • Due Diligence
  • Easement Recordation
  • Environmental Air Quality
  • Environmental/HAZMAT
  • Facilities Evaluations
  • Final Inspection Coordination
  • Fire & Life Safety
  • Footing and Foundation Permits
  • Generator and Tank Permits
  • Grading Permits
  • HVAC Building Commissioning
  • Historical, Landmark, Fine Arts (DC)
  • Interior Alterations/Renovations
  • Modified Processing
  • New Tenant Layout
  • New Construction
  • Occupancy Permit
  • Owner Representation
  • Peer Review, where available
  • Plat Recordation
  • Project Management & Administration
  • Regulatory Relationship Management
  • Resubdivision Recordation
  • Restaurant/Health Permits
  • Resubmissions
  • Retail/Restaurant Specialties
  • Rezoning
  • Residential Inspections
  • Sheeting & Shoring Permits
  • Signage Permits
  • Site Plan Processing
  • Specialized Construction Documentation
  • Special Exceptions/Waivers
  • Sprinkler Permits/Emergency Systems
  • Strategic Development Plans
  • Temporary/Special Use Permits
  • Tenant Layout
  • Trade Permits
  • Traffic Studies
  • Trailer Permits
  • Underpinning Permits
  • Utilities/Utility Analysis
  • Water & Sewer Availability
  • Zoning Issue Resolution