Veteran-owned MSC is our region’s “go to” resource for professional, full-service construction consulting

Founded in 1974, McKeever Services Corporation (MSC) has built an institutional brand as Greater Washington’s leading, one-stop, construction development firm focused on guiding clients through complex and diverse, jurisdictional and regulatory requirements.

In the early 1970s, founder Jim McKeever, who today still directs MSC’s strategy and direction, found himself working in the midst of a huge boom in commercial real estate construction, in the Greater Washington region. It was clear to him then, as it still is today, that owners, developers, architects and engineers were at a disadvantage trying to stay on top of individual laws and codes governing construction on a county-by-county and city-by-city basis.  

MSC Takes The Point

A U.S. combat veteran, Jim understood that having an experienced “point man” — a vigilant team leader out in front to identify the optimal path forward — is an essential component of success.  So, it made sense that successful completion of a complex commercial construction project would greatly benefit from the input and guidance of an experienced, construction consultant; a “point man” knowledgeable about all facets of the project, from concept to completion, able to help work move ahead, steering clear of obstacles, leveraging opportunities and arriving at on-budget, on specification completion.   

Starting with his abilities to expeditiously guide a range of permitting requests through complex jurisdictional codes and red tape, Jim soon expanded his company’s consulting beyond permit process management services to geotechnical engineering, inspections, testing services, environmental consulting and more.  

Today, MSC thrives in the construction market for new and renewed properties. Working with projects across the region and in select markets across the U.S., MSC is the knowledge-driven, proactive advocate, advisor and consultant for compliance with design and construction best practices and for conformance with jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction regulations confronting every construction project. 

Rely on MSC’s experience, expertise and documented history of successes spanning more than four decades to help your team and your project navigate the best possible path to expedited completion and measurable savings of time and money. 

MSC: Providing The Expert Input, Analysis And Best Practices Guidance You Need To Build Success

MSC exists to help you get your projects completed properly. We serve the private and public sectors in new construction and renovation projects. We provide a detailed construction liaison project management process; a high level, experienced professional team; a focus on responsive customer communications and service; knowledge of construction related federal, state and local agencies and the ability to facilitate and achieve timely and efficient project completion and building occupancy. MSC will craft a unique solution for each client project with the integration and combined expertise of our full-service offering.


MSC is a small business certified company for state and local government work in Virginia. MSC has annual revenues of less than $10,000,000 per year and fewer than 250 employees. As such MSC can help large contractors fulfill their small business set aside requirements on Virginia government contracts while receiving high quality work in the areas of permit services, inspections, structural engineering, and geotechnical engineering services.