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McKeever Services Corporation Enters the Traffic Control Plan Business

Fairfax, Virginia --- MSC is expanding its service offerings to include Traffic Control Plans. The Company is best known for building permits, geotechnical engineering, inspections & testing of critical structures, environmental services and bond packaging and release for the construction industry in the greater Washington, DC metro area serving general contractors, Architecture/Engineering firms and building owners.

Traffic Control Plans are necessary whenever a construction project will disrupt pedestrian or vehicular traffic or pose a threat to public safety due to:

  • Construction vehicles parking on roadways or sidewalks
  • Extra traffic or parking in an area from construction vehicles such as dump trucks, graders, cranes, etc. and construction workers’ commuter vehicles
  • Exterior construction overlooking sidewalks or roadways
  • Placing construction materials on roadways or sidewalks
  • Excavation in roadways or sidewalks to install utilities, sheeting and shoring or building foundations
  • Construction of fences, retaining walls, driveways or any paving in public spaces.
  • Permanent installation of public art, sign(s), flag pole(s), bench(es) or other fixtures.

It is important to government Departments of Transportation, law enforcement and public safety officials, county and municipal government elected officials and the public at large that TCPs be planned and implemented to maximize motorist and pedestrian traffic safety and minimize traffic disruption.

“McKeever Services Corporation’s 43 years of construction, regulatory and jurisdictional management consulting services with local governments on behalf of construction industry clients make the company eminently qualified to produce superior traffic control plans that are well engineered toward public safety, minimize traffic disruption while allowing construction projects to stay on schedule,” stated James McKeever, Founder and CEO of McKeever Services.

“MSC’s consultants, engineers and project managers who prepare the TCPs and submit the plans to the government have all appropriate training and certification programs required by Washington DC Area governmental jurisdiction to adhere to the highest professional standards in the industry,” concluded McKeever.