Bozzuto - Pierce Queen Apartments

The Mission

Bozzuto was preparing to build a new, 12-story, 181-unit multifamily residential building (280,530 sq. ft.) with a below-grade parking garage and complete remodeling of two, existing, garden-style apartment buildings.  To be able to build the new structure, Bozzuto had to demolish three structures.

The Response

MSC developed a timeline and strategic plan for addressing the submissions requirements to ensure that the overall construction schedule could be maintained. Separate packaging was provided to secure an excavation/sheeting/shoring permit.

Concurrently, the main building permit package was submitted.  MSC worked closely with the Arlington County Department of Environmental Services to coordinate a plumbing fixture inspection of the three, existing buildings.  Doing this ensured credits on-file that were applied toward plumbing fixtures in the new building, providing Bozzuto with a significant cost benefit.

As well, a demolition package was compiled with all utility disconnect letters and rodent and asbestos abatement letters.  MSC also worked to verify all site plan conditions were met and that proper, right-of-way permits were secured.


The project was completed in a timely manner and certificates of occupancy were issued.