At the core of MSC’s expertise and value-added services is a comprehensive knowledge of the full process management of a construction project

General contractors, building owners, architects and engineers know how to erect or renovate a structure and get it ready for occupancy. MSC empowers the GCs, owners and A&E firms to focus on construction, while MSC manages the jurisdictional management and ancillary services necessary to keep a project on time and on budget. 

MSC clients find that the earlier in the project they include MSC professionals on their team the more streamlined the project runs. 

Jurisdictional management includes stewarding every step of a construction project that is controlled, mandated or approved by a federal, state or local government agency. Examples include, but are not limited to environmental and geotechnical site testing and remediation; waste water and storm water disposal plans; air quality and emissions; planning and zoning controls and appeals; architectural control board regulations; historic districts; traffic control plans; fuel storage; building and signage permits; HVAC and trade permits; plan peer reviews; structural engineering; concrete, asphalt and steel testing; insurance and bond acquisition and release.