Tysons Corner, VA

Since 1974, we’ve authored the breadth and depth of many of the services and best practices that define
construction consulting and the benefits it delivers

What makes MSC different from others in our competitive arena?  Why are we the best, the most adept at helping you avoid or surmount the obstacles – and leverage the opportunities – that arise from the construction planning through the implementation stages?

Fair questions.  Here’s why:

  • MSC ‘s people and processes are on the job to watch your back, letting you stay focused on the project without being distracted by pushing permits through the process, performing environmental evaluations, conducting geotechnical inspections or evaluating the strength of critical structures, such as concrete and steel.
  • MSC provides consulting service you need on a commercial construction project, from preconstruction and environmental evaluation and remediation, project specific research, peer review and permitting, geotechnical engineering, inspections and testing to bond release and occupancy permits.
  • When you hire MSC, you add an integrated team of specialists dedicated to support your needs. Our team is horizontally integrated across the construction project phases, including geotechnical, environmental, permitting, building code, zoning, construction planning, engineering, critical structures and inspection personnel. The value to you? At least three people are intimately familiar with your project and progress at all times, so you can receive quick responses any time.
  • MSC issues weekly, detailed, update reports, providing clients with accurate information about where their projects stand. 
  • Most permit companies simply deliver your plans as submitted, letting the chips and your project, fall where it may.

Not MSC!

Before your plans are submitted for permitting, our pre-submission plan review provides feedback on any, perceived problem areas.  Doing so minimizes the likelihood that a government agency will require major revisions.

  • MSC knows how to pull stuck projects “out of the mud.”  We can help get a project moving that was stuck in a government office, after being mishandled by a competitor. If your project is stuck, MSC gets it moving again.
  • We can preform single or full service project(s). MSC will provide as much or as little support as your company needs to keep your project on track. For some clients, we focus only on construction or renovation permits; for others, we do inspections, peer review and critical structure evaluations and some just occupancy permits and bond release.