Duke Realty – The Aerospace Corporation

The Mission

This is a multiple building project being constructed across five to 10 years and requiring site plan processing; binds and agreements; DOT construction entrance approval and management and coordination of all approvals.

Site and VDOT issues derive from the special exemptions and proffers agreed to.

The Response

MSC determined that the plan needed to be split into various packages for scheduling and to conform to the proffers, before occupancy.  This also would allow staggered design of various elements of the project to meet schedule.

Site type plan submissions included:

  • Public improvements for stream bed
  • RGP
  • VDOT entrance permit
  • Site permit for main site
  • VDOT permit for site-adjacent improvements
  • Public improvements for new intersection with traffic light
  • Associated VDOT permit
  • Miscellaneous VDOT permits for utilities’ relocations


Per the County, MSC finished the bonds and agreement approval, “the fastest The County had ever seen.” The binds and agreements process was approved before plan approval. And, there were several proffered items to be dealt with, as a result of the approval process.