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Matchbox Restaurant

The Mission

Project scope involved permit project recovery for a restaurant in Loudoun County, VA. 
When MSC was hired, work already was underway on the construction and permitting process.  However, processing obstacles had arisen between the original permitting agent and an out-of-state architect unfamiliar with local requirements MSC was brought in to facilitate and complete the permitting process to ensure that the project stayed on schedule.

The Response

Coming in to the middle of the permitting process required strategic, efficient interface between MSC, Matchbox, Loudoun County officials and the design team. MSC began work by reviewing and correcting documents, working with reviewers to create a forward-motion plan that could keep construction moving ahead and on-schedule,. 
One of the main delays related to an outdoor fire feature that lacked proper documentation for future maintenance, safety of flame and certification of flame. MSC’s project managers advised that the best way to avoid delaying the entire project was temporarily to remove the fire feature from the plans to expedite permitting.
Ultimately, the permit was issued  two days prior to Matchbox’s deadline.


MSC was able to complete the project in less than a month. And the new restaurant opened as scheduled in Summer 2015. A separate application for the external flame was submitted later, and the fire feature subsequently was added. MSC continues to work on the expansion of Matchbox in the DC Metro area and beyond.