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TD Bank

The Mission

In November 2014, TD Bank retained MSC to conduct geotechnical inspection services on a new branch bank under construction in West Springfield, VA and targeted for a June 2015 grand opening.

The Response

MSC’s inspections team assessed the project, found geotechnical issues that threatened the construction timeline and recommended specialized, inspections services for the new bank building, drive-thru canopy and a retaining wall. Doing so called for deep experience with the testing of soil, concrete and structural steel.
MSC also provided additional construction monitoring to ensure the project did not encounter delays. The soil testing on the parking lot location revealed clay levels that were high enough to endanger structural stability, due to the project’s overall size. MSC provided remediation recommendations early enough in the process to minimize delays. More testing revealed the presence of asbestos in old sanitary lines, but MSC was able to put precautionary measures in place to avoid environmental issues.


Measures proposed and undertaken by MSC allowed construction to proceed apace and for the new bank location to open on schedule.